1. To enter, you must have your entry submitted and ready to eat (in a container we provide and creatively named) by 4:00pm. Entries submitted after 4pm will be happily enjoyed but not judged for competition. Bring only as much as it will take for everybody to dip a chip and vote - a large bowl or 2 cups worth should be good.
  2. You know your guac is the best and we know your guac is the best BUT you must let your secret recipe stand alone - no special Crunk-cup containers, crazy garnishes, or special dipping chips are allowed. Don't worry, the Judges favor can still be swayed by cold, hard cash. We’ll provide generic, numbered containers for your guac and neutral tortilla chips for tasting.
  3. All entries will be anonymous but must have a unique name to reference them by so please get creative and come with your name ready (ex. Senior Badass Avo, Imma Salty One, Green Machine, etc). Winners will be dramatically announced by their guac-name at the Judges table at 5:30pm.
  4. Your guacamole must include avocados as a base, other than that, get crazy. Previous finalists included some pretty special ingredients that brought them to the forefront so keep in mind, traditional is great but the Judges might just favor unique over classic!
  5. Guests will vote on all entries and the top three will advance to the final Judges table. Three Judges will then determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and issue street-cred and/or prizes accordingly. This year, we're including a Peoples Choice award for the most creative entry name.
  6. Most importantly, have fun! While this competition has all the seriousness of a lucha libre photoshoot, we highly encourage you to get silly with it. It's all about drinking cold beer with friendly faces in the warm sun, all the while eating more smashed avocado than our mothers would approve of - Hurray!

    Eat, Compete, Vote & Win.